Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The NVIDIA Phoenix, the Phone you can’t Have

The NVIDIA Phoenix, the Phone you can’t Have

While the world was all excited about what HTC had in store yesterday, NVIDIA was making its very own announcements. The graphic centric company announced that it will be launching the Tegra 4i, a smaller and LTE enabled chip for mobile phones. While the Tegra 4i was not as powerful as its big brother, it was still a great piece of technology. The Tegra 4i is smaller compared to the more potent Tegra 4 making it an ideal choice for smartphones. NVIDIA knows that and is marketing the chip just for that purpose to potential manufacturers. The good chaps at the company are also considerate of manufacturer’s pain and are offering the NVIDIA Phoenix, a reference phone which will make the lives of OEMs a little easier.

The NVIDIA Phoenix will obviously be housing the Tegra 4i chip, which comes with 4 regular cores and 1 powers saving core. Running at astounding 2.3 GHz and being backed up with the graphical powers of 50 GeForce GPUs, the chip will also host NVIDIA’s very own i500 modem core as well as NVIDIA “Chimera” camera tech. The camera will be capable of shooting at always on HDR mode as well as HDR panoramas. What is more that the NVIDIA Phoenix will have a 5 inch 1080p Full HD screen and a thickness of only 8mm, Of course the smartphone will have integrated 4G LTE technology too. NVIDIA states that the NVIDIA Phoenix will be running the latest version of Android to facilitate the manufactures.

While all this may sound amazing to have in a smartphone, But the NVIDIA Phoenix is not for you, well if you don’t own any big smartphone manufacturing company that is. The NVIDIA Phoenix is a reference model made for smartphone maker’s hands only. You won’t be able to see the NVIDIA Phoenix in any retail store of being launched by carriers, unless NVIDIA decides to jump in the smartphone business as well. We may, however get a glimpse and possibly some quality hands on time with the NVIDIA Phoenix at MWC in Barcelona.

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