Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mobage releases The Powerful: NYC for Android

Mobage releases The Powerful: NYC for Android

The Powerful NYC is a new Android Game from Mobage involving superheroes, gangsters, angels, and an eclipse. It’s an RPG hybrid of sorts instead of a straight up TCG which is a welcome change of pace, and it also has some of the coolest artwork you’re likely to see in a mobile game.

The Powerful NYC is a graphic novel style of RPG that has you taking on supercharged people after a mysterious eclipse bestows powers on average citizens. You’ll have to choose a faction and fight your way through the streets of New York City while taking on powerful villains and bosses. The gameplay is basically just like Blood Brothers where you’ll move your character around like you would in a board game; the battles are generally brief, but the characters are very cool. There are around 140 character cards in the game and you’ll get to fuse, evolve, and level-up your characters as you progress through the ravaged streets of NYC.

These RPG/TCG hybrids aren’t really my thing, but the artwork of The Powerful NYC drew me in. The gameplay is so-so and nothing we haven’t seen before, but the characters are super slick and really make the game worth a look. Not sure who did the actual art on the characters, but nice job. If you’d like to give it a run you can pick up Mobage & DeNA Vancouver’s The Powerful: NYC for free on Google Play.

The Powerful: NYC

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