Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Qualcomm unmoved by Tegra 4 benchmarks

Qualcomm unmoved by Tegra 4 benchmarks

Last week Nvidia did some benchmarks regarding its latest SoC and they blew every one out of the water. We felt that Qualcomm may be a bit shaken. The Tegra 4 is one hell of a fast chip, and it’s shaping up to provide some amazing visuals too. But we have to keep in mind that the Tegra 4 is the next generation of hardware, hence pitting it against the previous gen chips is rather unfair. Nvidia on the other hand, can’t do anything if there are no latest competing chips available. So naturally these kinds of amazing benchmarks would have made the competition a little bit uncomfortable right? Well Qualcomm is feeling pretty relaxed and is quite verbal in stating that the Snapdragon 800 chip has already beaten the Tegra 4.

Qualcomm’s senior VP of Product Management, while giving an interview to The Verge, said that the latest Snapdragon chip “easily” beats the Nvidia Tegra 4. He went further to say that Qualcomm chips are “so much more integrated” than any Nvidia chips available. This is a subtle hint towards the lack of LTE integration on most of Nvidia’s chips. According to the interview Qualcomm has already been listed to be used in over 50 products to release this very year, packing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chips. The company is “more focused on shipping products” than simple competing who is the fastest.

In the LTE light, Qualcomm already has the upper hand when delivering top notch performing chips. While Nvidia Tegra 4i is going to fill the LTE gap in Nvidia’s arsenal, it will not be the top performer; instead it will compete with Snapdragon 600 mid-range devices.  Qualcomm in another instance also showed disinterest in pursuing eight core processors too, stating that there is no apparent need for them in the current market. We will get back to you if some “real” benchmarks of Qualcomm’s latest show up.

Source: The Verge

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