Friday, February 22, 2013

PS4 to get cozy with Android

PS4 to get cozy with Android

Yesterday was a bid day for gamers everywhere, casuals or pros all were at least intrigued of what Sony might actual bring to the table. Sony technically did reveal its latest and greatest gaming console, but without disclosing any solid details or showing the console itself. Yeah Sony did just announced a console without letting people see what it looks like, and boy it has made us excited. Before you say “Hey dude this is an Android site, go tell your lame fanboy story elsewhere”, let me tell you this, Sony has announced that the PS4 will have a companion app for Android and iOS.

The app will be called the PlayStation App but it will be different and more powerful than the existing boring PlayStation Official App. He details are scarce right now but Sony is planning to integrate PS4 with the social media very seamlessly and mobile devices are the only medium which can provide that. The PS4 app will allow users more control over their new shiny PS4s, allowing them to buy new games and DLC while on the go. We are thinking about the micro managements and Trophy tracking too, but Sony hasn’t confirmed that yet.

The features sound more akin to what Microsoft’s SmartGlass is currently doing with Forza Horizon. But this will eventually get better. That’s not all though, we have heard two top developers also saying that they will be making dedicated apps for their respective games. We think if Sony provides all the developers a universal mobile platform to house their apps that will be a major turn on for many.

Imagine making classes in Call of Duty, while on the bus or buying new load out in Dead Space 3, this level of emergence will boldly real in customers. DriveClub and WatchDogs are already on board with the second screen option, allowing users to stay connected to the game via Android smartphones and tablets even on the go. We can only hope that Sony allows streaming games to the spanking new Sony Xperia Z tablets.

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