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Survival Horror Story: Catequesis is bringing 8-bit Horror to Android this Fall

Survival Horror Story: Catequesis is bringing 8-bit Horror to Android this Fall

catequesis for android

Survival Horror games are all the rage, but there aren’t many good Android titles out there. Survival Horror Story: Catequesis looks to change that though and it’s putting a cool retro spin on things.catequesis for android

Catequesis is a survival horror game set in an 8-bit world where you’ll have to help a guy named Daniel rescue his girlfriend after a religious ritual goes horribly wrong. As with most botched rituals involving evil forces, lots of gruesome ghouls are unleashed and you’ll have to take them out if you want to save the girl and vanquish evil. catequesis-2

The developers from Pakarico and Curved Cat Games have pulled inspiration for Survival Horror Story: Catequesis from a list of awesome sources including Lovecraft, Silent Hill, Lone Survivor, and The Legend of Zelda. They also drew inspiration from David Lynch, but I doubt that the “The Man From Another Place” will make an appearance. One can only hope…twin.peaks.man

Survival Horror Story: Catequesis is set to come out this fall, and while details are still a bit vague there are plenty of cool pixely pictures to drool over, and there’s even a mind bending trailer you can check out below. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about Survival Horror Story: Catequesis, if you’re as intrigued as we are hit up the link and check out the games official site.

Survival Horror Story: Catequesis

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