Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Android App: Fynch for Twitter

New Android App: Fynch for Twitter

fynch-androidRn Software has just released a new app called Fynch for Twitter. Fynch is not a standalone app but actually integrates with Twitter to enhance you experience by managing how you interact with Twitter timelines. Fynch will notify you when a Twitter post from less active accounts appear, when a Twitter user starts posting more than usual, and when someone you follow tweets on a trending subject.

The winning aspect of Fynch is its “install and forget” type of architecture. This app uses its own set of protocols to analyze how you use Twitter to provide you with a customized and enhanced experience. For instance Fynch will pay attention to who you ignore and stop giving you update notifications. Fynch also has a cool features that will consolidate tweets from a user that you follow that has posted consecutively. An example of this feature would be if you follow a sports fan and they drop multiple tweets during a game.

When the app is installed it may take a while for it to figure out how you tweet but once it does, you will immediately notice the streamlining effects it has on how you use Twitter and view Twitter timelines.  Keep in mind that Fynch is intended as an add-on so without the actual Twitter app you will not be able to open links within tweets, reply, retweet, or favorite. If you have Fynch and Twitter installed when you attempt to do any of the above you will automatically be bounced to the actual Twitter app.

Fynch is a free app so there is no risk to giving it a try. It is a genius 3rd party step towards helping organize and prioritize our increasingly hectic and complicated social media existences.

Fynch for Android

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